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Moving Forward with the Independent Race Series

Independent Race Series
Mumbo Racing had a close association with the Australian Motor Racing Series since the series began in 2005. The philosophy was 'exciting, affordable, accessible' racing, and that fitted perfectly with Mumbo's goals. There was a Mumbo Racing presence at every round of the AMRS in 2005, 2006 and 2007. In 2008, the series became the Australian Motor Racing Championships, and was taken over by new management. Mumbo Racing supported the series for the first two rounds, but has now taken the decision to discontinue participation in the AMRC.

There is a new series on the horizon, with a philosophy that better matches the philosophy of Mumbo Racing. The team will race at the first round of the Independent Race Series at Oran Park, 12 July.

Mumbo expects to field cars in three different categories - Formula Tasman, with Sam Dale in the Reynard 94D, Touring Car Challenge, with Sam in the Ford Mondeo and Neil Byers in the Ford Mustang Cobra R, and Production Racing Cars, with Neil in his trusty Mitsubishi 380.

There are exciting times ahead, for more information on the Independent Race Series, visit the official website: www.irace.net.au and for all the latest news from Mumbo Racing, get it here at www.mumboracing.com