Morgan Park

Onboard Qualifying

Onboard Race 1

Onboard Race 2

Onboard Race 3


One Man Band - Teardown and Reassembly

The whole thing from start to finish


  • Loading car into trailer (out of shot)
  • Packing up spares and tools
  • Quick (preliminary) cleanup of workshop

Reassembly Part 3

  • Cleaning pickup off tyres
  • Laying out scales in flat 'patch'
  • Wheel alignment and corner weighting
  • Installing extra element in rear wing
  • Lowering to ground

Reassembly Part 2

  • Exhaust fitment
  • General cleanup and finalisation of connections (oil, hydraulic, electrical)
  • Installation of floor (diffuser)
  • Installation of bodywork

Reassembly Part 1

  • Transmission installation and reassembly
  • Systems reconnection and oil replenishment
  • Installation of exhaust
  • Work completed to recondition the clutch and input shaft has been omitted from the video