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iRace competitor Jon Newell - running the 1977 Triumph TR7 V8 has been owner / operator of Acclaim Security for 25 years.

Iyrna from Top Models Australia with Jon's Acclaim Security TR7

The business specialises in latest technology security alarms and surveillance systems for homes and businesses as well as providing back-to-base monitoring as a bureau for several Grade 1 monitoring facilities.

Jon says that good security is only important if you need it – maybe that’s why so many people call him after they’ve been burgled! “It’s a bit like putting your seat belt on after the crash” says Jon, and “People think it’s always the other person that things happen to – until it happens to them.”

There have been massive changes in the way security systems work in the last few years. Systems with Alarm Verification and smartphone integration are spearheading a revolution. Our premier system, the Risco Agility3, is a fully wireless solution and features motion detectors which also have a camera. What this does is take snapshots of what triggers the alarm and then send that along with an instant notification to your smartphone and / or security monitoring. You can fully control the alarm from the App and a great feature for businesses is that you can change user access codes easily from a web browser.

Security App from Acclaim Security

Risco also has a very smart hybrid security system called Lightsys2 – it features the same smartphone App but it’s ideal to take over any existing hard wired security system to give you these great features. You can even do things like open doors from the App – so we’ve setup some businesses with an access control strike on a door so they can let couriers in to make a delivery or pick-up if there’s no-one there. Another great feature is the pending release of Risco VUpoint IP cameras which will integrate with both the Agility3 and Lightsys2 to give live video clips of alarm activations and the ability to login and view live video. With alarm verification you get images or video of what triggered the alarm – rather than having to login to a surveillance system to search and playback an event to see if there is someone there.

We’re supplying more systems for people that want to DIY too, which saves you money. We use wireless alarms and pre-program them so you just take it out of the box and install – CCTV systems come in kit with the cables so they’re pretty much plug and play. The best surveillance systems are IP Megapixel systems – even 1 Megapixel is 4x the resolution of the best analogue / coax system – although if you have cameras installed on coax you can upgrade to HD 1080P analogue or we can use converters to run data over coax too. There’s always a solution – a bit like building a race car – it all comes down to your budget.

If you’re looking for to upgrade your security, get a better deal on your monitoring, or just good advice about protecting your racing cars, then please call.

Jon Newell

Mobile: 0418447915
Email: jon@acclaimsecurity.com.au
Web: http://www.acclaimsecurity.com.au/

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