Spotlight on F1000 - Formula Tasman

At the last round we had two Speads RM11s which were only a little off the pace of the Formula 3 cars in our Formula Tasman "Lightning" Class for under 2L wings and slicks single-seaters.

So we thought it would be a good time to review the F1000s.

These attractive cars have composite chassis and high powered motor cycle engines.

A rear diffuser gives maximum ground effect down-force.

In Australia they are available from AP Racing who are the importer for Stohr and West Race Cars who import the Firmans.

AP Racing have a car in Australia for sale.

Adam Proctor
Mobile: 0417 240 908
Email: info@apracing.net.au
Web: http://www.apracing.net.au/car-sales/about-the-stohr-f1000

And West have a car available in Australia for lease.

Aaron Steer
Mobile: 0414 281 846
Email: asteer@westracecars.com.au
Web: http://www.westracecars.com.au/news/90-firman

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