Odyssey Batteries

Odyssey Batteries are sealed lead-acid batteries. They use a fibreglass matting to allow them to be mounted in any orientation without the acid leaking. The batteries come in a variety of sizes and capacities, and allow a reasonable compromise between weight, size and power to be reached. Whilst not cheap, Odyssey Batteries can be found at reasonable prices, and where weight/space is at a premium, they are worth the money.

One piece of advice when using Odyssey Batteries - always keep the battery fully charged. Allowing the battery to deplete and then charging in preparation for a race meeting will reduce the life of the unit significantly. Mumbo Racing uses a relatively inexpensive trickle charger to keep its Odyssey Batteries fully charged between race meetings. When the racecar is unloaded, the small charger is connected to the car, and stays plugged in until the car is loaded onto the trailer for the next meeting.

Books & Publications

Drive to Win - Carroll Smith. Possibly one of the best driving books ever written, Drive to Win touches on many subjects that should be important to any driver. It covers some of the nuts and bolts of driving, some of the more advanced techniques, and really focusses on driver attitude, and how to be mentally ready to win.

The Unfair Advantage - Mark Donohue. A story that many racers will identify with, The Unfair Advantage follows Donohue's career from the very beginning. All the trials and tribulations, ups and downs that come with racing. First and foremost, Donohue never gave up, and secondly, he never stopped learning. Those two attributes were probably his biggest unfair advantage...

A Twist of the Wrist - Keith Code. Whilst not specifically a book about racing cars, A Twist of the Wrist is on Carroll Smith's recommended reading list. The skill required to ride a motorcycle fast is superficially different from the skill required to drive a car fast, but the mental capacity, or situational awareness, is no different. Riding/driving must become almost instinctive to allow capacity to think about racecraft, and tactics. A Twist of the Wrist covers this topic better than any other book I've read.

The Art of Racing in the Rain - Garth Stein. This is a fictional novel that weaves together two great things - racing and dogs. The story is told through the eyes of a dog, whose owner is a semi-professional race car driver. The story is easy reading, and manages to tie in some excellent racing theory. If you love racing cars and you love dogs (I love both) then I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy this book (although the final chapter is a little over the top).

Brake Pads

Endless Brake Pads

Endless Brake Pads are designed and manufactured in Japan. The construction and compound provides excellent braking characteristics, and terrific wear rates. A wide range of characteristics are available, depending on your preference - high initial bite, consistent mu for a range of temperatures, or long wearing.


Apple Computers

Apple computers have probably not been considered by the racing market for the simple reason that most racing software (and hardware) is Windows based. Apple has a fantastic range of hardware, specifically designed to match the Apple operating system, which is far superior to Windows.

The inability to use racing software and hardware outside Windows has previously been a big hurdle, but with the latest version of it's operating system, Apple computers can now run Windows in parallel to the native operating system. This means that racers can take advantage of the superior Apple hardware and operating system for day to day use, and then reboot in Windows at the track. If your software runs on Windows, it will run under 'Boot Camp' on a current generation Mac. Most USB-based hardware should also have no problem running under Boot Camp.

Data Logging

Aim SportSystems

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Friction Elimination

ZX1 Extralube


Secret Weapon - ZX1 Extralube Friction Eliminator

Mumbo Racing trialled a new product line at Round One of the 2006 Australian Motor Racing Series - ZX1 Extralube - a high tech friction eliminator. The results of the trial were positive and exciting, and can bring benefits to any road or race car.

The ZX1 company offers a small range of products, each aimed specifically at eliminating friction. The flagship in the ZX1 line is Extralube ZX1 Micro Oil - this is a metal treatment that the ZX1 brochure touts as offering the following:
  • more power,
  • improved fuel economy,
  • superb cold start protection,
  • increased component life and reliabiltity, and
  • reduced harmful exhaust emissions.
ZX1 Micro Oil initially appears similar to other products available on the market, as the delivery method is the same - it is added to the oil. Many other products are added to the oil, and work simply by modifying the oil properties in some way - the effects of these products are only felt until the next oil change. The first key difference in ZX1 Micro Oil is here - whilst the product is delivered in a similar way, it does not change the property of the oil in any way - this is simply the most efficient way to get it in contact with the moving parts of the engine. Once the ZX1 Micro Oil has reached the engine's moving parts, it is not until the engine cools and the "low temperature activates the unique thermo-chemical bonding process". The metal is treated by the ZX1 Micro Oil, and it's friction properties are altered. (ZX1 Micro Oil does not contain any teflon/PTFE, and does not present the same problem to filters, screens and clearances as other products containing those ingredients.)

Now, this all sounds very technical, and the information above came directly from the ZX1 company. What follows however, is what Mumbo Racing observed after using ZX1 Micro Oil.


ZX1 Micro Oil is added to the oil in a 5% ratio. This was performed on Sam Dale's Reynard 94D Formula 4000, Matthew Fox's 91D Formula 4000, and Neil Byers' Mitsubishi 380 VRX Production Touring Car. The procedure is very simple, the engine is warmed to operating temperature then shut down. The ZX1 Micro Oil is added , and the engine is run to circulate the oil and ZX1 through the system. The engine is then shut down and allowed to cool. Extralube ZX1 should also be added to the vehicle’s differential to reduce the friction and enhance the performance.


On Sam Dale's Formula 4000, the ZX1 treatment process was carried out between the second and third practice sessions during Friday Practice at Calder Park. The treatment was added to the lubricating system of the Holden Alloytech 3.6L engine, and also to the sequential gearbox.

Data logging fitted to the Reynard showed the following changes after the treatment - green trace is from session two - before treatment, yellow trace is from session three - after treatment:

Figure 1 - Engine Temperature and Oil Pressure

Figure 2 - Top Speed on main straight

Figure 3 - Entry Speed to main straight


Figure 1 shows that engine operating temperature has dropped by around three degrees celsius. The green trace (before treatment) shows a maximum temp of 86.5 degrees, while the maximum temp after treatment (yellow trace) shows 84.1 degrees. The ambient temperature had not changed significantly between sessions, and the only change to the car was the addition of ZX1 Micro Oil. We believe the reduced temperature is a result of reduced friction, using ZX1 Micro Oil.

Probably the most telling result of all from this back to back test is the top speed trace. Figure 2 shows speed from passing the Calder pits to the end of the main straight. The yellow trace, after treatment is 3km/h faster than before treatment (green trace), with a terminal speed of 238.9km/h (versus 236.4km/h pre-treatment). A speed difference like this could be the result of a better entry onto the straight, but Figure 3 shows speed from the final corner to the beginning of Figure 2 (this data is taken from the lap immediately preceding Fig 2). The yellow trace (after treatment) actually shows that if anything, Sam got a slightly slower run out of the final corner, but was able to accelerate significantly faster on the straight.


Based on the data available, ZX1 Micro Oil yielded an improvement in top speed for Sam Dale's Reynard 94D Formula 4000. Other independent test data provided by ZX1 showed similar results in a range of vehicles - most notably improved fuel economy in road vehicles.

Mumbo Racing will continue to use this secret weapon - it has proved itself capable of delivering a performance advantage. The team is also eager to use the ZX1 product - Micro µ ZX1 Supergrease in all wheel bearings and constant-velocity joints.

A big thank you to John Grullis of ZX1 Australia, for allowing us to conduct this trial, and sample his excellent product.

More Information

If you would like more information on the ZX1 Extralube range of products, you can check out the website: www.ZX1AUST.com or contact the Australian distributor:

John Grullis

Email: ZX1AUST@westnet.com.au

Mobile: 0413 182 077

Fuel & Lubricants

Fuel 2 Race

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Racewear & Safety Clothing

Oakley Carbon X

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Racing Simulations

Live For Speed

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