Why you need a HANS device

The HANS device (Head And Neck Support device) was designed by Dr. Robert Hubbard, a professor of biomechanical engineering at Michigan State University in the early eighties. He was motivated by the death of his motor racing friend Jim Downing. Like many other unfortunate drivers, Jim had died from head injuries after a collision.

The difficulty is caused when a driver’s body is restrained by belts, but the violent stop causes the head to keep moving and extending the neck. This can cause a Basilar skull fracture resulting in serious injury or immediate death. This is what killed Ayrton Senna in the 1994 San Marino Formula One Grand Prix.

A HANS device is attached to the body and has straps going to the helmet that help maintain the relative position of the head.

Motor racing is dangerous and as drivers we accept that, but it is better to do everything to mitigate those risks that are easily addressed and then feel confident to go hard on the track. We owe it not just to ourselves, but to our families and the marshalls that take care of us.

Two of the leading motorsport suppliers have been generous enough to provide significant discounts to iRace competitors to make the transition easier.

Stand 21

Stand 21 can supply iRace competitors with HANS & Helmet packages using Stand 21 Club Series HANS device and posts, along with R-Jays Snell SA2010 spec helmets, for a special price as noted below. Prices are inclusive of freight.

Full Face Daytona helmet, HANS, attachment posts & freight package:$850.

Rally Open Face helmet, HANS, attachment posts & freight package: $775.

Otherwise we can supply the Club Series HANS only for $599 plus postage, if a competitor already has an Snell SA spec helmet.

Tony Dunn
Stand 21 Australia
Mobile: 0404 007 768
Fax: 02 9868 5899
Skype: tony.dunn.stand21
Web: http://www.stand21.com.au/
Email: tony@stand21.com.au

Revolution Racegear

Revolution Racegear Auburn would like to offer IRACE a bulk price on Hans devices and or helmet and Hans device packages.

Packages below:
Based on a group buy of 10 or more Hans Device Sport2 Medium or Large, Hans Post’s and sliding tethers included.
X10 or more @ $559.20 inc with Hans posts and sliding tethers.

Helmet and Hans Package:
Bell R-1 Helmet and Hans sport2 device $969 inc.

We can also offer different helmet and Hans packages if the customer is interested in a different style of helmet.

Postage is also available at a cost of $15.

This is a limited time offer while stocks last.

Dean Thomas
Revolution Racegear Sydney
(02) 9648 4044
Email: sydney@racegear.com.au

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